Thursday 14th February

Evening or should I say goodnight,

The last two weeks have been disheartening. I lost belief in my shot and it has been shelved. There is the potential to revisit part of the shot via a monologue. I need good practice at facial animation and it seems a good opportunity if I already have reference planned out.

On a positive note, Matthew has been challenging me on my problem solving. He sets high standards and expects them to be met. Yes, I haven't met them so far, but together, we are addressing my approach to animation and the creative problem-solving it involves.

Once I have rested and slept, I hope to produce 5 seconds of an upper body monologue. I have selected a track from one of my old favorite TV shows and hope to animate with Mallory, Matt's female child modification of the Malcolm rig.

Thoughts on Canada: I am yet to see much. I have been too busy buried in work, which feels a shame as much has been wasted. I am awoken most mornings at 6am by Lilo, Matt's kitten who very much enjoys nibbling my toes through the blanket. I've taken to hiding them under a cushion, but this seems to only encourage her to find new ways to encourage me out of bed to play.

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