Anim Squad assignment one: Standing from Seated

I have recently commenced Anim Squad's online education program for body mechanics and pantomime. The first assignment was to make a character stand from a seated position. After proposing a few ideas to Disney's Marlon Nowe, it was selected that attempt the receiving of sad news.

Watching short clips from movies of sad news being received by the telephone (the impossible, source code, requiem of a dream and good will hunting to name a few), I soon realised the challenge I had set myself. The characters were remaining still. Marlon had also suggested I try a medium shot to capture the facial animation.

I knew standing up in 4 seconds is a big movement for the face to travel. If I wanted to make her stand and the emotion to read, a fast beat needed to occur. I decided on shock before letting the emotion read through the eyes. For this shock to occur, she needed to expct the telephone call, so decided it was from a friend. I'm pretty pleased with it so far:

Next assignment will be playing more with a character taking a few steps. Hoping I find a nice idea. We'll see.

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