dialogue shot

This was a clip I produced while studying under the guidance of Mike Safianoff at CGTarian. I wanted to find an audio clip that showed a conflict and possible change in attitudes. Since leaving Framestore, I have been soaking up both reading and video material on body language. In this case, a man changes his mind to go on a road trip. The audio clip dictated much of the story's direction, but I wanted to take this further by adding an additional character. So the man rejects his mother-in-law's idea of a road trip, before seeing glaring stare of his wife. He's forced to sit up and reluctantly accept that this trip is happening.

Another aspect I wished to include was the involvement of a hand, or in this case two. Hands can reveal much of a character's thoughts. The chin rub in body language, is related to gesture of covering your mouth. He also uses it at the start, to help prop his head up to listen. The comedy he sees at the start, breaks this connection.

For any who wish to check out the original source of the clip, please see here:

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