Story Development part 2

So continuing...

Opening shot:
The shot will open with a skull being lifted from a grave. It's similar to Indiana Jones and the Golden idol or Aladdin when he finds the lamp.

How do they feel about the situation?
For Frank, the skull itself is a precious artifact, for contained within is the desired brain. Its precious to Frank. His hand movement should reflect this and also show an air of mystery.

How does the character really feel about what he is doing?
This question is slightly different and really depends on how dark are Frank's motives? Is it as dark as the devil perched in the
Night On Bald Mountain. Frank is, afterall, a monster. But how does this work with the tone of the audio?
Possibly speak to Matt or Stina to find musical scores that may unlock further ideas about this part.  

Shot 2 part a
Elsie: What would you do with a brain if you had one?

How does Elsie really feel about what she's saying?
This is a literal interpretation. Elsie is looking inside Frank's head, recognising its emptiness. She does not know what a brain is or looks like.
How does Elsie feel about the situation?
She asks through simple curiousity. This is reflected in her innocence of lifting Frank's scalp and looking inside head.
How does Elsie feel and think about those around him?
There is trust between the two characters. I intend this to be a comedy moment. Its cleaniness, shedding some light on the darkness of the opening shot.
How does Frank really feel about what Elsie's saying?
As said previously, I want this shot to contrast against the opening shot. He feels a bit caught off guard by Elsie's question. I really feel this following pic of Sir Ector, courtesy of Deja View, sums up the character moment.

This really follows into the next action.

Shot 2 part b
Frank: I would not be just a nuffin'

How does Frank really feel about what he's saying?
If he was a dog he would snort or 'anti-sniff' (really not sure of the term). Its a moment to recapture his power of authority and put Elsie in her place. This can of course be done lightly. I mentioned to Matt that I saw a Dick van Dyke moment here.

However, watching his character performance in Mary Poppins scene's A man has dreams and A comical poem, highlights once again about just how dark do I want his intentions to be. If I was to include the Sir Ector moment, this would have an impact on how this line is delivered.

I really like this expression though. Possibly, it could be used to go into part b.
How does Elsie really feel about what Frank's saying?
This is really the last opportunity to develop her innocence, before the value of having a brain is implanted into her head (sorry about the pun).

Shot 2 part c
Frank: My head all full of stuffin', My heart all full of pain 

How does Frank really feel about what he's saying?
This is the section that I hope to draw upon the questions asked in the famous Hamlet pose; To be or not to be that is the question. To me this means the following: To live or not to live, that is the question.

How does Elsie really feel about what Frank's saying?
She grows more interested as she finds out what a brain is. Before this excitement builds, she remains sympathic. I draw inspiration from the ugly vandal's storytelling in Tangled (See pic). She then runs across his back and steals the brain.

 (to be continued)

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