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In the last few weeks I have been granted the opportunity to visit Canada for six weeks. The trip will involvement many firsts for me:
1) It will the first time since childhood, that I have had experienced a holiday lasting more than five days! I'm going for six weeks!!
2) Those six weeks will be used to study 3D character animation  - my first opportunity outside of fulltime work, that I can really study and learn the subject.
3) It will also be my first opportunity to meet a character animator in the flesh! Yep, I have been introduced to many character animators through my online collaboration with the 11 Second Club.

So what am I doing with this crazy amount of animation/holiday! Well I'm hoping to build part of a new character animation reel, including a two person dialogue. I have my chosen audio and a story laid out for the characters. And now, through the encouragement of my teacher, I will be hoping to use this reel to record its progress.

I will be back to write more soon...

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