Cgtarian class one assignment: Facial take - Rapunzel inspiration

Today I received my first assignment from Dreamwork's Mike Safianoff. It was delivered via an hour long tutorial, where I was surprised by the quantity and depth of his introduction.
The assignment is to produce a facial take, 2-3 seconds long. I have a few simple ideas: tasting, being stood up, smelling something bad. Each could be broken down, with choices dependent upon who the person is, who are they talking to and what is their relationship.
But, with a week to gather material, I thought it'd be nice to post about some takes I like, both animated and live action. To start with, here's a few from my favorite film :)

This double take by Malcon Pierce, where so much is said without words, reminds me of Glen Keane's Tarzan shot (when he meets Jane). Hope to return to this to break it down further.

This take, the ease in which Mother Goethel slips from one emotion to another, shows the ease in which she wore the mask of a caring parent.

Rapunzel coming to terms with the death of Mother Goethel. Although Rapunzel has found Mother Goethel's true character, the shock shows the attachment she had to the villain. Then the tempo increases as she remembers Flynn.
*To be continued

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